What to Expect When You are Inspecting

When you request an inspection on your home you are requesting piece of mind and guidance that you are buying a home that will suit your needs and is in good condition.

When making an investment as large as buying a home you want to make sure you are making a good investment.

Wading through an inspection report is daunting and can be confusing.  Our job as your inspector is to make the inspection easy to understand and to give you valuable information to make an educated decision on your home purchase.  Here are some quick, basic questions to ask:

What occurs during your home inspection?

I will ask you if you have any special concerns with the home. I will pay special attention during my inspection to give full disclosure of those concerns. I will inspect all parts of the home agreed upon between the customer and myself. To make a long answer short, I will at the very least inspect everything within the Texas Standards of Practice. I usually go above and beyond those standards. Mainly everything from foundation to rooftop.

What should you be looking for that could potentially be a deal breaker?

A potential deal breaker will always be the choice of the home buyer not the inspector. The inspector will place in the report any discrepancies found. Nearly all discrepancies found in the home can be repairable. It will be up to the home buyer if they want to take on the expense of fixing those discrepancies.

How will I receive my report?

You will have the option to receive your inspection report by either email or on a DVD disk. Whichever is more convenient to you.

What is included in the report?

Your report will state what was inspected. If something was unable to be inspected, I will state the reason why. All found discrepancies and location of discrepancies will be noted on your report. Along with discrepancies, I will add pictures to give a visual reference of my findings.

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